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In order to create a comprehensive evaluation leading up to an individualized training program, we have made sure to design a personal fitness assessment that will allow you to have a program planned and ready to implement for your second appointment.

Why testing is important

There are several reasons to perform exercise testing. The first is to assess risk. 

Testing will also provide us with the information that will help us develop a program to meet your needs in a more individualized way. We will be able to see where each person's strengths and weaknesses lie and what you need to work on. 

The fitness assessment at ProMax includes

- Anthropometric tests: height, weight, and the circumference of certain body parts.

- Body composition analysis.

- Blood pressure.

- Resting heart rate.

- Cardiovascular endurance.

- Muscular: endurance, balance, resistance, strength, and flexibility.

Time needed

75 minutes




Kindly book your Personal fitness assessment  two days in advance by calling ProMax.

What does the examinee follow for accurate body composition analysis?
- Measure with an empty stomach.
- Measure 2 hours after a meal.
- Measure after urination and excretion.
- Do not take a shower before measurement.
- Do not measure while taking a diuretic.
- Avoid having measurement during menstrual period.
- Measurement should be done before mid-day.

What to bring?
- Running shoes.
​- Fitness outfit.
- Big and small towel.
- Extra T-shirt.