Campaigns and CSR Lebanon

ProMax creates campaigns that raise public awareness about 
fitness issues to help all people in Lebanon get healthier.  
“Darreja” is our latest campaign that encourages people to
take the stairs instead of elevators.  We encourage everyone
to begin climbing stairs whenever it is possible, and to gradually
add to the number of stairs climbed, until the habit of taking
the elevator becomes a thing of the past, and going up the
stairs becomes automatic and natural.   All those who would
like to spread the message of this campaign can contact
ProMax and we will deliver the campaign stickers or the sticker
designs to your location for free as a service to encourage
​everyone to switch to a healthier lifestyle.
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مَشّيَا Campaign

​One of ProMax campaigns,

launched to create health awareness

for a healthy Lebanese community, 

specially designed for students, for

sedentary and busy people trying

to collect some minutes in their

Health Bank Account.

Would it be better if you park

your car 1 Km away and مَشّيَا ? 

Fundraising and sponsorship

ProMax is also active and responsible socially. 

ProMax was, is and will always be glad to support organizations and communities for a constructive cause