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About Darreja campaign   درّجا


Daraj: means “stairs” in Arabic.
Darreja: means “make it a trend” in Arabic.
The Darreja campaign is a play on words: the combination

of ‘’Darreja’’ and ‘’Daraj’’ represents

taking the stairs as a trend, making physical activity part of one’s daily lifestyle.

- Darreja is a wellness campaign for almost everyone in the Lebanese community.
- A 5x5cm sticker is meant to be placed next to elevator buttons inside buildings in Lebanon,

to remind and inspire people to take the stairs instead. 

When waiting a few minutes for the elevator to arrive, or when

we have a few minutes to spare for our health.

In buildings that have a staircase.

Just by taking the stairs to go up or down.

- Raise awareness for a healthier community and more social responsibility.
- Manage yourself by adapting to public spaces for involvement in a practical wellness program.
- Less guilt related to fitness and health, especially when you know you should exercise but you don’t have time.
- Have more time for your wellness.
- Use the energy stored in your body to burn extra energy/calories, instead of using the elevator.
-  Keep your basal metabolic rate high.
- Stay fit through a practical, easy and adaptable daily fitness program.
- Stay energetic and prevent yourself from injuries or diseases.
- Program your brain to take control and maintain a well-being action plan on the go.
- Promote the daily routine as a wellness culture, and expand it to the future generation.
As you can see, Darreja is a team and individualized wellness campaign, for a better society and a positive shift

in healthy habits, because we can make a change.

Campaign vision 

Place a Darreja sticker next to elevator buttons in Lebanon, to create a change in community wellness.

Practical point of view and studies
Our ancestors were living in a traditional gym long time ago – in nature – where work and working-out were one task. They were working and making a living at the same time, such as while gardening, and they were visiting each other while walking on hiking trails.
Our professional life in Lebanon, especially in Beirut, is different than it used to be. Types of jobs are different, buildings are too close together, and public spaces and green areas that connect the regions geographically are turning into the insides of architectural master plans on paper. We can draw a parallel from the stress caused by the proximity of the buildings, the traffic and the responsibilities people carry.  All these factors influence our stress levels, our brains, our focus, our priorities, and our bodies.
Darreja is a wellness program that can help shape our future, and act as an important role model for the generations to come.
As a leading company in Lebanon, ProMax is dedicated to promoting health and wellness, and will stay committed to raising awareness to health.

Action plan & implementation
ProMax is partnering with many organizations with social responsibility, to spread the word and make a community change.

Corporations and organizations can participate by Investing in the Darreja campaign through: 

+ Sponsorship
+ Sharing the sticker at their business(es)

Individuals can participate by:
  + Volunteering
  + Sharing the sticker

Darreja Partners will be mentioned in almost all the activities related to the campaign, via social media, email distribution and website networks.