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Founder Camille Attieh, founder of ProMax Lebanon - Lebanon entrepreneurs

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. ‘’Confucius’’

Camille Attieh is the founder and owner of the ProMax, a company that he established to bring to life his passion of assisting individuals attain well-being through positive lifestyle regimes, including re‐connecting with nature with the purpose of reinforcing the mind as well as the body. Being an avid enthusiast of outdoor activities, he hopes that wellness seekers, and those who have made resilient associations with nature, will in turn become agents of positive change in their communities, helping others to achieve a heightened sense of health. 
In addition to his role as corporate wellness consultant and health coach, Camille Attieh is also a corporate team building consultant, and holds a BA degree in physical education, as well as 2 master's degrees in sports management.