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A healthy workforce is a productive one, and that is why ProMax offers you a corporate fitness program that focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the workplace for your staff. Our corporate fitness program takes self-management at the office into consideration and trains your employees about mental and physical exercises that they include in their working days.  Fitness and team building can also be implemented, where ProMax conducts body composition analysis for your teams at work, and follow up to see which of your teams achieve their fitness goals.

Activate your Health mode in the Workplace

Corporations are investing more money each year in the effort to help their employees stay healthy and fit. These corporations have learned that it is more economical for their business to help employees stay healthy than to pay the rising medical costs when they become ill. In order to insure employees stay healthy, companies are frequently paying part of their employees' gym membership or investing in some type of workplace fitness program.

What is Corporate Wellness?

Wellness programs for the workplace

The programs may take place at your business working space or another facility. These programs increase job satisfaction and help keep employees healthy, especially since people are now working longer day.

Wellness for your seminar >Lebanon corporate health coaching

Studies have shown that most people start to lose concentration after 20 minutes to half an hour in seminars and workshops. By the end of an hour, their level of attention has fallen by more than 50% (and in some cases by a great deal more than that). Attention can be renewed by adding brief fitness sessions to sharpen focus and refresh participants.  These in-seminar or workshop fitness sessions can also be designed as team building activities. ProMax can work with you on creating these fitness sessions, no matter where the venue.  An added value to the in-seminar fitness sessions is that they teach people new techniques of refreshing the body and mind, a skill that they can take back with them for their daily stressful days at work.