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Night Hike Lebanon - Social and sports events Lebanon
Night hikes with ProMax provide a new type of sensual experience: your mind works differently in the night time and you will find yourself focusing more and using your body differently.  Moonlight hikes are usually shorter in distance than the usual hiking trips, but still provide fitness and fat burning benefits, while getting back to the roots of natural living. 

Sundays' hikes

Hiking in Lebanon is a highly invigorating and fun outdoor activity that people of different fitness levels, ages, backgrounds are practicing on Sundays. 
Hiking groups can comprise from 20 to 120 people and are a great way to escape the crowd of the city, to network, meet new people and make new friends, all this while getting out of the confines of your four walls, and getting to know the true Green Lebanon. Hike with ProMax and stay healthy while breaking your daily routine; your body and mind will thank you for it.


About ProMax Hikes, How it goes and who can participate? hiking in lebanon. mountain hiking. lebanon hiking

hiking in lebanon

 It is highly important for all hikers,  members and especially new participants  to check: what to get and put in your  backpack, so you can enjoy your  hike and repeat the positive experience.     
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Join ProMax with your family on Sundays

Every week, usually on Sundays, families join ProMax from different Lebanese regions to enjoy the nature and educate their kids indirectly on how to love and live through nature.

Are you a family member and you would like to plan for your holidays or weekends?

Check out the hiking trail levels and the program details by calling us!

Terms and conditions


 All hikers, members and new participants  joining ProMax outings,  agree with the  terms and conditions.

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