Who should see a personal fitness trainer?

People who: - Need an individualized program for their specific needs and goals. - Desire individual motivation, attention and feedback. - Have reached a plateau, and would like to enhance performance.

The ProMax professional personal trainers will help you get the best results in the least time possible.  In a space where all facilities needed are available, the personal trainers will motivate and encourage you and make sure that you reach your fitness goals successfully. 

Traits of a successful Personal Trainer

- Education, certification and continuing education
- Leadership
- Discipline
- Empathy
- Professionalism
- Creativity
- Social skills

Rates and packages

Contact ProMax to know more regarding the rates and packages.


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Defining a Personal Trainer

Simply put, a personal trainer is a coach and an educator. A trainer teaches people how to set their fitness goals, and then coaches them toward achieving those goals. This is an extensive process during which a trainer wears many hats.

- Motivator

- Nutritional consultant

- Friend/Confidant