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Studies have shown that team building activities are fundamental in the corporate world: Productivity  increases when individuals work as a team. Team building activities make the organization a better place to work, while improving on employee relationships and fortifying bonds among them to pinpoint  and achieve common goals.  Among the benefits of team building activities is an escalation in trust among staff, leveraging the feelings of positivity and confidence, a drop of stress levels, improved self‐ reliance and leadership skills, ​elimination of the barriers to creativity, and tapping into the hidden potential of the employee.  

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With ProMax you can tailor your corporate and team building activities, by integrating a combination of  any of our outdoor activities, be it hiking, biking, rafting, etc… and incorporate those activities into the  team building event of your choice.   ​Our talented crew will arrange your proposal according to your overall goals and suggest assimilated ways of attaining those goals. ​Once you have decided on what you want to accomplish, the ProMax team will take it from there, consequently organizing and facilitating  the entire event for you.


Teams that PLAY together, WORK together

Team building through indoor and especially outdoor play activities has been proven to have a lasting impact as it targets both the mind and body.  If you are looking for team building activities that are effective, diverse, and guaranteed to grow employee output and performance, ProMax can work with you based on your specific company goal lines to create the most memorable activity for your entire staff, or for targeted departments that you wish to reinforce.  Our years of practice along with our highly trained and proficient work force ensures you the best type of activities, in a safe indoor or green environment, and of course with long‐term constructive outcomes on your corporate culture.

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