Experiencing team building activities with our sister companies has enhanced team chemistry. We were involved in intellectual and physical games that helped our groups to develop effective communication and problem solving skills - Ayman El Mouallem

Regarding the team building activities that took place last Friday, it was worth attending as it focused on team spirit, cooperation and motivation among group members. Some activities triggered our intellectual thinking highlighting group problem solving. Others were oriented towards team support despite who were the leaders or followers. All that was associated with fun and entertainment, to easily achieve the requested aim. “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” – Stephen Covey -Suhad Saassoo

It was obvious that the staff of Itco Lebanon/KSA and MTC experienced collaborative and competitive activities that demonstrated the power of team work. Moreover, Friday 18th allowed cross communication to flourish while encouraging an atmosphere of involvement and fun -
Rayan Abdallah 

It is nice to have found in Promax a reliable and professional provider of corporate team building activities. This service that has become a cornerstone in developing team spirit in most companies across the industrial world is very much missed in our region. As long as Promax continues to develop its staff and activities the way it has done till today, I am sure it will play a leading role in this niche market -Hassan Sinno

What better way to boost our staff's morale than through giving them opportunity to bond and have fun while interacting with one another? Under the efficient and professional supervision of Camille Attieh, Promax promoted team work and spirit and was a ticket to foster good working relationships among our employees. Everyone had a great time! -Nadine Sinno


​Outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge, Camille Attieh has a spontaneous personality that make workouts fun.
His professionalism, extensive knowledge, the enthusiastic commitment to his work and towards his clients, sets foundations for a new
healthier lifestyle!
He works with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically. He knows just how and when to encourage and when to
push specially when I don’t feel like exercising. 
His diverse training methods and individualized exercise programs made of me a stronger and more flexible person, I have better
balance and most importantly I feel fit.
Camille Attieh has been my personal trainer for the last 4 years now. At 65, my body age is at least 10 years younger, thanks to his efforts and determination.
Highest recommendation -
Artist Painter Missak Terzian


Always love what you do and the rest is details - Nadine Chahwan

Thank you Camille for this enjoyable day ! See you :)Jocelyne Khalifeh

Indeed a day to remember with Promax Camille amazing - Jean-Pierre Hakim

Great day! Thank you Promax! :) - Zahr Bou-Ghanem

 Amazing day Camille!! thank uuuu :))) it was my first time but i'm definitely in next time - Nora Abou Chakra

Thank you Camille for this lovely positive energy. it was again a great day with ProMax - ​Wadih Moubarak

Great great hike! See you soon guys -Dietician Perla Harfoush

Great pictures Camille :Dfor sure there will be another time with Promax ;) - Sara Itani

wawooo, it was coool trip. thanks Camille Attieh, Promax, and all - Ibrahim Allam

Beautiful sunny day and a lovely stroll in a little paradise in Lebanon! Thanks Camille! C u soon! Han :-) - Hania Kabban

​It was my first time sharing you guys adventures... hope it wont be the last... the rafting was amazing and safe to be done once and twice again... if you will manage another go out pls do give me a notification... THANK YOU CAMILLE FOR THE LOVELY WELCOME AND THANK YOU CHARLOTTE FOR ALL THE FOLLOW UP AND THE TAKING CARE -
 Nathalie Roukoz

We felt as if in a family team :) you really are PRO to the MAX. Grace Akkary

Thank you for this great walk,Ya jame3a intou ktir 2aweyeh.It was Awesome @ Horch Ehden Nature Reserve.Nice to meet you all. 10x Camille :) - Charbel Jreij  

We all had the best rafting experience the past weekend !! thank you camille :-) We felt as if in a family team :) - Cynthia Assadourian Terzian

It was very nice Camille for the lovely hiking - William Matar

Hiking with you was great but meeting you was greatest. :) - Charbel Jreij

Tres beau programme en famille, avec sensations, beaux paysages, bravo pour la bonne organisation - Hani

It was very exciting Raft we enjoyed a lot. We will do it again for sure larger group and ProMax will be recommended for our friends!!!!!!!!!  Tx!! - Rola Abdallah

​Amazing biking trip in West Bekaa. Great views, great company + great leaders - Grace Khatcherian

It was great biking day. I was Happy and had the chance to meet nice people. Thanks ProMax. Bravo Camille. Ila L amam Sirr - Minerva Haddad

Great people! great spirit! Keep up the good work! I have a lot of fun with you! Nadine Hindi

It was a wonderful day, I tried an activity for the first time, thank you! - Zeinab Asha

As usual Fida was collecting empty PVC bottles for recycling while Missak was taking photographs… Camille was taking it seriously by professionalism…Sorry!! I forgot that it was Great!! -Artist Painter Missak Terzian

Nature, landscape, fresh air, Amazing day… Thank you - Mario Dada

​You get to enjoy wonderful scenery...with the friendliest team! - Joy Nasr 

Simply superb! fun & exercise for the whole family!! - ​Dr. Rifaat Abdi